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The Roadmap

To Vibrant Living

This is a 12-Week Personalized Program that will take you from simply surviving your menopause transition to THRIVING through your menopause transition.

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Ready to take control of your menopause transition?

With the right guidance, you can feel strong and empowered in your own skin again!

You can stop feeling frustrated that nothing

seems to be working for you.

Instead, learn specific steps to finally get the sleep you need,

increase your energy, re-gain clarity and feel good again.

As you take action using simple integrative strategies to minimize, or eliminate your menopausal symptoms (including weight gain)

you will see and feel the changes.

Sound familiar...managing your perimenopausal or menopausal transition is becoming extremely overwhelming and your motivation is diminishing because you feel like you have tried everything.

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How about this...It’s difficult to show up for yourself let alone your family, business OR job because you feel stuck with anxiety and cannot muster the energy to do anything more than the bare minimum to survive your day to day routine.

At this point, you simply want to feel healthy and feel good in your own skin but want to do it in a way that works for YOU!

What if you could eliminate or minimize your symptoms and feel amazing? Imagine that...

What if I told you that it IS possible to take complete control of perimenopause and menopause while continuing to thrive in your family, career or business?

You can be the woman who is an unstoppable force despite these challenges!

IMAGINE if you could...

  • Incorporate healthy eating and consistent exercise into your day in a way that fits your hectic schedule.

  • Start your day with more energy to tackle the tasks necessary to elevate your business to a higher level.

  • Gain clarity on your goals and vision for the future of your business or professional career.

  • Learn from a coach who understands how to help you manage your symptoms using simple integrative strategies so that you can show up as your authentic self.

Of course! You want to be happy in your body

and you want some relief!

You thought about trying a another diet program...

BUT you feel like you've tried all of them only to realize that they are extremely restrictive for your lifestyle or they seem to trigger a fear of failure. Not to mention meal plans have not been sustainable for you in the past.

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You've considered expensive surgery...

BUT you're not ready to invest thousands of dollars in weight loss surgery and weeks recovering only to then have to manage the after effects of surgery. Or you've done it already.

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You even thought about hormone replacement therapy...

BUT you're not sure if it is right for you yet and you are concerned about the risks involved . The bottom line is you would like to learn to manage menopause as naturally as possible.


What if you could stop feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and instead,

FOLLOW A PERSONALIZED ROADMAP to identify what works for YOU...

Learn how to feel your very best in your own skin, have more control of your

health and experience more balance living your life vibrantly?

(weight loss included)

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Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll explain how...

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Over the years I have coached hundreds of women that have felt exactly like you. You are not alone.

Here are some of the results my clients have experienced while working together in my 12-Week

Roadmap To Vibrant Living Coaching Method.

Let me tell you...

When I started my holistic coaching journey there were plenty of

lessons to be learned from the amazing people who entrusted

me with their stories and paths.

It's been quite an amazing experience that has

helped shape how I coach today!

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Green Leafed Plants
Green Leafed Plants

I've come a long way in my wellness journey, starting

as a Personal Trainer 10 years ago. That was when the concept of

BIO-INDIVIDUALITY truly clicked for me - that we all require individualized approaches to health and nutrition!

Over time, this understanding only grew stronger until it changed my entire approach towards holistic coaching by teaching self awareness and personalized mindset strategies in

addition to other core concepts.

Now I'm helping others unlock their own unique potential on the

path to wellness – And I love it!.🎉

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through My Wellness Journey..

Key Solutions

I have been able to help countless people reach their goals, but gradually noticed that the focus started shifting. My clients wanted something beyond just

weight-loss - they longed for higher energy levels, clarity of mind, a good nights sleep, and a general feeling of wellbeing in their own bodies.

Noticing my clients' shifting needs, I decided to do some in-depth research and uncovered the fact that many of them were experiencing something significant...


Even more excitingly (or perhaps stressful!) it also had become part of MY story as well – talk about being relatable!

Another light bulb moment for me! It certainly signaled time for me personally and professionally to make yet another transition towards a whole new level 🎉

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❌ There are 6k women reaching menopause everyday.

❌ 73% of women don't treat their menopause symptoms and/or are unaware of the symptoms.

❌ 32% of women feel there was not enough peri/menopause information available before they started experiencing symptoms.

❌ Women experience 7 hormonal phases in her life.

I began to ask myself this question...

Why aren't we more informed when it comes to the phases of menopause and how it influences our lives?

In that moment, I felt compelled to help my fellow women tap into their

strength and resilience by offering the tools needed to navigate this

natural transition with ease.

My specialty is providing education and coaching in a way that leaves each woman feeling empowered, supported, and inspired!

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Here's what I would like to share with you...

The Menopause Transition Can Be

Experienced In A Positive Way!

Does this sound familiar to you...

✅ You feel extremely disconnected from your body, feeling like it's failing you.

✅ You feel like you are doing everything right but what you used to do is no longer working and even feel like things are just getting worse.

✅ You have more mid-section weight gain and bloating.

✅ You're tired of feeling tired and you never feel fully rested.

✅ You can't seem to handle stress and feel like it’s piling up, creating anxiety.

I Want You To Know

You can feel good in your own body again!

(You can live your life vibrantly. 🥰)

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By taking back your power, you can start looking at yourself with a newfound appreciation. You deserve the joy and fulfillment that comes from feeling empowered, content with yourself, and ready for whatever life throws at you. So why wait?

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(Yup, that's me enjoying a

pet sitting adventure!)

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Are You Ready To

Live Life Vibrantly?

Some Fun Facts About Me...

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  • I have 4 daughters and 3 grandbabies and as you can imagine, there was 1 peaceful week in our home due to hormones! They are my heartbeats.
  • I am an adventurous soul - I completed my first solo international trip at 52 and absolutely loved it!
  • I am also a former Zumba Instructor. I once flew to Lille, France for a Z-convention to get certified as a Toning Instructor... later developed my own dance fitness method.
  • Pet sitting has allowed me the opportunity to experience new places and meet new friends internationally!
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It Is My Mission...

To energize and encourage women in mid-life who are transitioning into their menopausal stage! Instead of simply surviving it, I'm here to help them THRIVE with minimal disruptions – feeling strong, confident and living life vibrantly.

It's all about embracing this new phase so they can feel comfortable

in their own bodies.

The Wellness Strategist

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I'm So Excited To Share...

The Roadmap To Vibrant Living

This 12-week personalized coaching method is designed to help guide your menopausal transition from surviving the challenges, and instead have you THRIVING in life. Imagine how fulfilling it will feel when that happens!

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You may be asking yourself right now...

can this really work for me?


carolyn B.

Group Coaching Client

M. Belmont

Your 12 Week Personalized Coaching Method

3 Simple Questions

Ask Yourself

Question #1

Am I ready to thrive and not just survive my menopause experience?

I know I can do it!

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Questions #2

Am I ready to learn and implement some simple yet effective strategies for changing hormones and healthy aging?

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Question #3

Am I ready to manage and/or minimize the weight gain that is so common during perimenopause?

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Are you experiencing any of the struggle that come with menopause? Feeling the heat!

If so, let’s chat! I offer a no pressure 15-20 minute consultation where we can discuss if my

Roadmap to Vibrant Living Coaching Method

is right for you.

It could be just what you need to transform your life

and start living vibrantly again!

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Today is the day! Schedule your discovery call

and receive an additional bonus below for FREE!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity; it could change everything.

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My Top 3 Ways To Help Manage

The Menopause Transition

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Long Story Short:

It's time to start investing in your wellbeing and feeling like the vibrant, beautiful person you know yourself to be. I'm here for you every step of the way - let's make progress together!

Skilled coaching


Your commitment to yourself


The Relief You Deserve

I would be delighted and honored to be a part of this journey with you.

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The Wellness Strategist

How Does

Coaching Work?

My 3-month private coaching method is designed for busy people on the go, providing 12 one-on-one sessions via phone or video so your schedule won't be disrupted.

You, resources, and weekly action steps that will get you back in vibrant living mode - all tailored based on your unique needs.

In each session we'll set goals (hey accountability!) as well as develop efficient strategies together to help make those goals got this! The Roadmap To Vibrant Living starts now. - And this is where the beautiful unfolding begins!

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What Do We Discuss During Sessions?

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Here are some examples of things WE MAY work on during our time together:

  • Exercise and nutrition strategies for changing hormones and your lifestyle.
  • How to minimize, manage, or reduce weight gain which is common during perimenopause.
  • How to manage sleep disruptions
  • How to implement recommendations provided by your menopause specialist or other healthcare provider
  • Stress management techniques
  • Strategies for managing cognitive impacts (brain fog, etc.)

I've created my Roadmap To Vibrant Living to accommodate a wide variety of health and wellness goals during this stage of life. Your plan would be tailored towards your exact health and wellness objectives.

Here's how to move forward...

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Step 1

Complete a

discovery call

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Step 2

You decide if 12 Weeks To Vibrant Living is a good fit

for you.

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Step 3

Schedule a start date and

you're on your way!

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